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About SWIFT Services

SWIFT is a group of highly experienced teams dedicated to providing technical and operational support for the specialized needs of our clients. From solving complex engineering challenges to preparing for rapid response during storm events, we’ve assembled the best people and resources to help when it matters most.

Engineering Corps

The top wire and cable engineers solving your most complex challenges.  Expecting the unexpected. Our customers often face unique challenges that can occur at any stage of a project: from drafting plans, through executing project construction, to ongoing operations. That’s why we are here. Our customers expect us to have the experience and aptitude necessary to address their most complex and mission-critical challenges. To meet these needs, we formed the Southwire Engineering Corps.


Storm Activation

Dedicated planning, support, logistics, and inventory when you need it most. From wildfires in the West, ice storms in the North and Midwest, and hurricanes in the South, the Southwire Storm Activation Team knows they are always a few weeks away from their next big challenge. With the scale and reach to be able to help across the entire country, Southwire is uniquely positioned to help before, during, and after a major storm event.


HV Installation

Reliability, scalability, and flexibility for high voltage installations. Highly skilled and factory-certified installation technicians available to help you with cable pulling, splicing, terminating, sheath bonding, and grounding. We’re with you every step of the way with responsive service, unmatched engineering support, and onsite project management.



Turning “No Quote” into “No Problem”. Southwire SPEED™ Solutions is a specialty service for those in need of a variety of industrial and utility cables. We help customers who need a made-to-order specialty cable, need cable below a minimum ordering length, or have been saddled with a project that has a quick deadline. Our concierge customer specialists will negotiate to meet your needs for premium and expedited products that come from one manufacturing source.