Southwire Storm Activation

Dedicated planning, support, logistics, and inventory when you need it most.

Why We Are Here

From wildfires in the West, ice storms in the North and Midwest, and hurricanes in the South, the Southwire Storm Activation Team knows they are always a few weeks away from their next big challenge. With the scale and reach to be able to help across the entire country, Southwire is uniquely positioned to help after a major storm event.

How We Can Help

"These storms are really our moment of truth. Ensuring our partners have the resources they need to get the power back on is one of the most important things we do."

- Storm Activation Team Member

Dedicated Team

Our Storm team is available 24/7/365 to help in advance of, and during, major storm events.


It takes more than equipment and material alone to address storm damage. Over the years our team has helped provide support during storms across the country and knows how to address their impacts, both large and small.


Without proper communication between utilities, suppliers, customers, and regulators, storm response can be unnecessarily delayed. Proactive and effective communications are an essential part of our preparedness.

Advanced Planning

Addressing storms effectively happens well in advance of an event. Our response starts and ends with continuous planning, organizing, and provisioning in an agile way. We are continuously using the latest knowledge, forecasting technologies, and processes to address changing situations.


Researching and developing innovative products is in our DNA. Hardening systems is a way to proactively address the damage storms can unleash.

Storm Statistics

"Storm duty can be a full-time job twelve months out of the year. We have to be ready all the time."

- Matt Street, Regional Sales Manager


of utilities say adverse weather shapes operational decisions


Total cost of disasters from 1980 to 2016


Cost of damage from Superstorm Sandy



Storm preparation and response is obviously nothing new. 2017 saw numerous high-profile storms, drawing media attention as well as focusing the attention of utilities, regulators, policymakers, and the general public on efforts to manage and respond as effectively as possible. To better understand the strategies and priorities that utilities across North America are embracing for these preparation and response efforts, Southwire Company partnered with the Utility Dive Brand Studio to survey more than 100 industry executives.



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  • Case studies from past hurricanes and restoring power to the Gulf Coast
  • Research from our Storm Response Management Survey that helped us better prepare and respond to the strategies and priorities utilities are focused on
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